At Taylors Lakes Primary School our music program offers an hourly session for all children from foundation to grade 3.  Each session focuses on developing musical intelligence, building self-esteem and confidence. Areas and topics covered in music range from instrumental families and instrument recognition to musical elements and sound exploration. The styles of music, song structure and world music are also covered and explored.


There is an opportunity for students in grade 4 to join the school choir. 


Metro Music School is an outside organisation that provides private and group music lessons to students during class time.  This opportunity allows children to further their musical skills by learning an instrument such as keyboard and guitar.


Benefits of Music

  • It promotes higher-order thinking, emotional engagement & motor development.
  • Helps us to understand our own and other cultures, past & present.
  • Contributes to the school community quality of life.
  • Encourages teamwork and cohesiveness, discipline & commitment.
  • Contributes to sensitivity & emotional stability.
  • Encourages mastery, patience & persistence.
  • Fosters creativity & individuality.

Music is a learning area that is valued highly at TLPS.  The benefits of music making are recognised and celebrated through whole school events such as ‘Music Count Us In’.