Discovery Learning Grade 5

Grade 5

Term 1 - Making Healthy Choices

During this unit students will develop their understandings of

  • how the body works with a specific focus on the main body systems
  •  how food, drugs and exercise affect their bodies and their health
  •  how healthy choices affect their physical and emotional self.

Students will also explore the interdependence of the body systems, in relation to making healthy choices.

Equipped with this knowledge, students will be able to make informed choices for a healthy lifestyle in a social and emotional context. Students consider what it means to be physically, socially and emotionally healthy.


Term 2 - Eureka- Gold

During this unit students will investigate

  • the establishment of British Colonies in Australia after 1800
  • the history of the discovery of gold and the subsequent gold rush in Victoria in the 1850s
  • how societies develop rules and what life was like on the goldfields in Victoria and the impact of the Eureka Stockade
  • the social, political and economic implications of the discovery of gold which helped shape the development of Victoria
  • reasons for Victoria’s population growth from 1850-1900 and the settlement of Melbourne

Students become aware of how the roles of significant individuals or groups shaped the colonies and the reasons that gave rise to migration and exploration of Australia.


Term 3 - Why Earth?

During this unit students will investigate

  • that the Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the sun)
  • many of the planets have natural satellites called moons
  • our solar system is one of many in the universe
  • the role of the sun as a provider of energy for the Earth

We pose hypothesis and test scientific experiments in regards to solids, liquids, gases (Chemical Science) and the observable properties of light. (Physical Science).


Scientists can learn a lot about planet Earth and the solar system through space exploration and scientific research which have brought technological advances to the human race.

Historically, space has always held a fascination for us and we look from the past to the future to determine our place in space.


Term 4 - Our World Our Future

During this unit students will investigate

  • how people and environments influence one another
  • the interconnections between people, places and environments
  • the continents of Australia, Europe and North America and how people influence and manage spaces within them
  • how structural and behavioural adaptations of living things enhance their survival
  •  predict and describe the effect of environmental changes on individual living things.

They will identify particular continents and countries on maps and interpret geographical data to identify spatial distribution, simple patterns and trends, infer relationships and draw conclusions. They will also focus on environments in Australia and how the impact of bushfires and floods can be managed and reduced.