Discovery Learning Grade 2

Grade 2


Term 1 – Stay Safe

 Once we have finished ‘learning to Learn’ and have set up our classroom expectations and safe learning routines we begin our ‘Stay safe’ unit! We learn how to be safe in all areas of our lives including cyber safety, being sun smart, road safety, house safety, water safety and of course being safe with what we eat!


Term 2 – Gadgets, Gizmos and Games

In this unit we explore toys (both past and present) to develop understandings in history, chemical and physical science. Toys of the past are explored to gain an understanding of how changing technology has impacted how people play compared to the past. Toys are investigated to gain a physical science understanding of how pushing and pulling (forces) make an object move or change shape. In this unit we will also explore how different materials can be combined to make different toys!


Term 3 – Light and Sound

In this unit we explore light and sound through a variety of experiments and unpack key vocabulary. Students explore light through shadows and investigate various objects to see how light passes through! We explore how light and sound travel! We also learn about natural and artificial sources of light and sound.


Term 4 – Community and Celebrations

In this unit we explore our own families, community, the people involved and various celebrations that are important around the world. We discuss and celebrate our own cultures and family traditions!