School Values

We support the development of autonomous learners with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to:

  • Develop an understanding of their strengths and potential
  • Learn with and from peers, which includes seeking and responding appropriately to feedback
  • Increasingly managing their own learning and growth by reflecting on their own learning and setting their own learning goals.
  • Developing resilience and dispositions which support learning

The achievement of these outcomes requires the creation of a school and classroom culture where all students are respected as individuals with the capacity to learn and think and where self regulated effort in learning is promoted.


Our School Values


Tolerance    getting along cooperating playing by the rules
Excellence  being organised showing persistence having pride,doing your best
Care & Respect being supportive having self worth respecting property / others
Honesty being trustworthy being sincere showing commonsense
Responsibility being accountable understand consequences for actions using self control
Inclusion   belonging showing compassion being accepting