Discovery Learning

The Discovery Learning units at Taylors Lakes Primary School are drawn from the Victorian Curriculum disciplines of Science, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Health, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Capability, Intercultural Capability and Critical and Creative Thinking.


Each unit allows students to question and wonder whilst actively exploring and discovering their world, thinking deeply about their learning and presenting knowledge to an authentic audience.


At Taylors Lakes Primary School we recognise the importance of students learning by doing’ and building understandings based on investigations and research. Our Discovery Learning units allow students to interact with their environment by handling and investigating objects, carrying out experiments and exploring real life questions and problems.


Students will:

  • direct their own learning
  • explore their own  interests
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • build co-operative team skills. 


Learning To Learn

At Taylors Lakes Primary School our goal is to assist each child in becoming an independent and motivated learner in order to achieve school success and reach their individual learning potential. Students begin each year exploring the nature of learning and what it means to be an effective learner. Students learn to recognise that challenges are opportunities for growth and the implementation of problem solving strategies. They explore their own preferred learning styles and develop goals and strategies to cater for their own distinct strengths and learning needs. Over time, students learn to monitor their own learning and understandings and ask the questions, ‘How am I doing? Where to next? How do I get there?’ The impact of nutrition, hydration and sleep are also investigated allowing for increasingly responsible learning choices to be made. These concepts and strategies are reinforced throughout the year in all areas of learning.


Special Events

To further enhance our discovery learning, Taylors Lakes Primary School includes learning related to special events such as ANZAC day, Remembrance Day and Harmony Day. These special events reinforce and consolidate our school values of tolerance, care and respect, excellence, responsibility, inclusion and honesty. 


Incursions and Excursions

As part of many Discovery Learning units, students will participate in a special experience either at our school or off-site. Some examples include;

  • Community Helper visits to foundation grades (police, fire department, etc),
  • Science incursions, reptile and animal incursions,
  • Excursions to a farm, Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Scienceworks, Sovereign Hill, Melbourne Aquarium.