Discovery Learning Grade 4

Australia “A Journey Through Time”

Students will explore the stories of the First Fleet, including reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences following European arrival. Through a variety of activities, students will discover the life and times of convicts, sea explorers and European settlement.


Inventions – Forces and motion

Students will immerse themselves in the discovery of forces and motion in different types of machines and how everyday items work. This unit will include a visit from the CSIRO where students will engage in hands on experiments, explore simple machines, different kinds of forces and discover the effects they have on objects. Throughout the unit, students will develop their own invention which will be showcased in the school.


A World of Change

 Students will recognise that environmental factors and human activities can affect lifecycles of plants and animals. They will also explore the effects of these factors on landscapes in countries like South America, Asia and Australia.


Geography – Australia and Asia

Students investigate the human and physical characteristics of Australia in comparison to Asia and South America and how they have changed over time. They learn about settlement patterns, major land uses, communication networks, and the location and variety of national parks in Victoria. They begin to make some simple comparisons between local and other Victorian environments: natural features, climate, land use and types of human activities. Students develop awareness and understanding of the effects of people's interactions with their environment and the ways in which these affect their lives...