Discovery Learning Grade 1

Grade 1


Term 1: Learning to Learn

Grade One students will spend the first term getting ready to learn. We look at what makes a good learner and how we can get organized to maximize our learning. We explore their physical, social and emotional needs so they are ready for the rest of the year. We also explore different areas of safety to ensure students make smart and safe choices both in and away from the classroom.


Term 2: My Life, Past and Present /My Place in the Community

We begin this term by look at the family unit within the context of their world. We look at similarities and differences in family life by comparing the present with the past. Are the family’s roles the same or have they changed over time? How can we show this change over time?

The local environment is also explored by observing all its different features and how we can care for them. We will be looking at maps and photographs of the area to identify features and how best we can utilise the resources that Taylors Lakes has to offer.


Term 3: Plants and Animals

Animals and their features are the main focus for this term. We look at their different needs and how they adapt to their environment. What do they all have in common and what is different about them? We look at their different habitats and how they can survive if their habitat changes. Animal needs are compared to plant needs. What are the main features of a plant and how do they contribute to their growth?


Term 4: Weather, Water and Seasons

This term sees Grade One learning about the weather, the water cycle and how the seasons happen. Students will look at the changes in the sky between night and day. We explore the different weather patterns and investigate how the weather connects to the seasons. We also talk about the water cycle to understand why we need water, and why it needs to be preserved.