Prep Transition

The Foundation/Prep Program


As you can see from our prep photos, life in prep is fun and engaging. The goal is to set children up for a positive and successful start to school. In prep, students start their journey to learn to read, write and communicate with each other and adults. They explore maths through numbers and patterns. 


Preps are allocated a grade 4 buddy who will visit them in class and help them with some fun activities.



Transition Program


On Transition days, children enrolled at our school for 2024 will meet in the prep rooms at 9am to do activities with the teachers while the parents will meet in the library. Sessions will conclude by 10am.



Transition Dates


   Thursday September 7th 2023

   Thursday October 19th 2023

   Thursday November 16th 2023

   Thursday December 7th 2023



Notification About Transitions


Notifications about changes to Transition dates are emailed and notified via Flexischools.


It is important that the office has your correct email address so that you can be notified.


Parents should install the Flexischools app on their phone and make sure they are in the 'Pre-Foundation' group. For instructions on how to add this group, click here.





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