Principal's Welcome

Taylors Lakes Primary School is a thriving school which has strong links to the local community. We have a school population of 700 students. We have 32 classes in 2023 comprising of all straight year level classes.


Our school has a strong focus towards literacy and numeracy however we also strive to develop the whole child and we have innovative STEAM, Coding, Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education programs which aim to challenge and stimulate. Our students are also encouraged to compete and represent our school in a wide variety of sports.

Our school is extremely well resourced in ICT and all classrooms possess an Interactive Whiteboard. Each classroom has at least two computers and access to a trolley with 16 - 28 net books connected to it. In semester two 2011, our school’s new ICT lab was ready to use which has allowed our students to receive extra opportunities to access computers and technology with particular emphasis on coding and using ICT to create art, music and games.

Our school has undergone a major redevelopment of our facilities which has provided our school with 6 new classrooms, a new ICT lab, a large extension to our school library, a large extension to our administration block and some additional meeting rooms. The building work was completed at the end of semester one 2011 and has exposed our students to even greater facilities to assist their learning. Additionally, we have a 'CAT Space' where STEAM lessons are conducted, giving students the opportunity to develop modern technological and thinking skills. More recently, our old school hall has been converted to four new classrooms and our new school hall is currently being constructed and is due to be finished in semester two, 2024.

At Taylors Lakes Primary School we strive to ensure that every student is feeling safe and engaged in their learning. We recognise that a student who does not feel connected to their school is unlikely to achieve all that they can. Our school has 6 key values which we expect all members of our school community to model at all times. They are:




Getting along

Co- operating

Playing by the rules



Being accountable for actions

Understanding consequences for actions

Using self control



Being organised

Showing persistence

Having pride

Doing your best




Being accepting

Showing empathy


Care and Respect

Being supportive

Having self worth

Respecting each other

Respecting property



Being trustworthy

Being sincere

Showing common sense



Our school provides many other additional services to our students to ensure that they are engaged in their learning and well cared for. These services include: reading intervention programs, school speech pathologist, school nurse (5 days a week), student welfare assistance, before and after school care (BIG Childcare, prep and grade 6 transition programs, school canteen (operating 5 days a week).

Taylors Lakes Primary School is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to

In closing, I sincerely believe Taylors Lakes Primary School is a great place for students to learn, develop and thrive. Our simple goal is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to be the best that they can be in a nurtured and supportive school environment. I welcome the opportunity to show prospective parents and students around our school and please feel welcome to contact me on the details provided below.


Chris Sevior

Principal - Taylors Lakes PS



Phone: 9390 3388